Sniffa Network Security Solutions


Intrusion Detection Systems and Clear Network Evidence for the Ultimate in Threat Visibility



Sniffa NSS Sensors can be centrally managed across multiple cloud platforms at the same time, enabling enterprises to visualise and detect threats across their digital asstest via a single pane of glass. Our Sensors can be built into most variants of Linux OS, which means they can be deployed on most cloud platforms without re-configuration or up-skill.

When businesses move their IT services to the cloud and company assets  become spread across multiple disparate networks, the last thing to be considered is security systems and they are frequently left behind on premises. Having to build individual security system in to each platform is often too expensive for companies to consider and is typically overlooked, especially so when cloud platforms are used for small or short term development projects. Building intrusion detection and monitoring solutions for these types of segmented networks typically means having to sign up to lengthy licensing terms with costly support contracts. Sniffa solutions are have flexible licensing terms, simple to deploy and extemely cost-effective in comparison to most other vendor security systems.



Sniffa NSS have partnered with a leading producer of hardware sensor appliances, which means we can provide an affordable all-in-one threat detection solution that is extremely effective and which is perfectly suited to the small to medium size businesses (SMB).

For SMBs who have to comply with a raft of data protection obligations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or those associated with the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS), it can be a costly exercise to implement even the very basic of network security measures, let alone a full suite of network monitoring tools. Fortunately, with the help of our hardware provider, Sniffa NSS have combined a full complement of intrusion detection and network monitoring tools in a small, yet powerful, 1U appliance, that has all the capability and performance of any comparable top vendor security solution. Combine that with the easy to use Sniffa NSS management applications, means SMBs can feel safe that their digital assets are adeqately protected for minimal cost and are able to concentrate on generating valuable revenues for their businesses.



Recovering from an attack can hard enough, but without knowing the exact details of a breach can leave business vulnerable to future attacks? We can give you the confidence to get back up and running fast. You provide the packet captures in PCAP format and we will do the rest.

Our Sniffa NSS Sensors use modified versions of Snort and Suricata for intrusion detection and Zeek (formerly Bro) for network traffic analysis meaning we can generate insights into a packet capture that go beyond the capabilities of traditional pcap analysis tools. The Sensors are tuned with a set of IDS rules that aim to detect even the most advanced indicators of compromise (IOCs) and our Web Portals enable us to easily visualise anomalous activities deep within your packet captures.

We provide a clear picture of what happened on your networks, so you can take action to clean, quarantine and eradicate malware in your systems and enable normal business operation in as short a time as possible.



Our intrusion detection applications are developed such that Service Providers can easily include SECaaS into their service offering and provide peace of mind to their customers that they are being adequately protected. Our solutions are easy to embed into a Service Provider's networks with minimal upheaval or fuss.

We provided intrusion detection and network traffic analysis applications for the virtual  Datacenter and for Whitebox V-CPE appliances. Our applications are deployed in an overlay model and report back to a centralised management server, meaning that our detection sensors are able to protect in the most difficult to reach network segments and are still controlled by the Service Providers. Our User Portal Applications have role based access controls, so that Engineers, Analysts and Customers have a user experience specific to their job function and customers only get to see information relevant to their own networks. Our subscription model means that service providers can add, remove and re-use licencing easily across their customer base, getting the best value for money from our solutions.



If you provide Security Operations Centre (SOC) services or you are planning to add threat detection and incident response to your service portfolio in the future, then our cost-effective applications can help you achieve your goals easily.

Sniffa detection sensors are quick and simple to deploy, which makes them ideal for any length of project you want to protect. Deployed sensors are administered centrally using our management applications, which means your SOC services can be multi-tenanted services, saving you time, money and complex overheads. Your analysts will gain contectual network visibility immediately from our web portals and your customers can monitor their own traffic using  individual user portal logins.



We have over 30 years of experience working with secure information systems and can provide manpower to help design, install and operate deployed threat detection solutions. If you need assistance with a project, we may be able to help.

Our people take the upmost pride in their work and will always display integrity and professionalism when working with our customers. We take time to understand your problems and design solutions to help you achieve your goals efficiently and in the most cost-effective way. Our Professional Services range from remote assistance for software installations, administration and staff training to network monitoring architecture and consultancy. Let us know the mountain you want to climb and we will provide the manpower to get you to the top.